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You may have seen them in your local cemetery or garden center, but block and stone walls are a great way to add design and enhance the surrounding colors of nature to the landscaping around outdoor structures. They take time and patience, but when completed they provide an elegant backdrop for any space!


Walls of stone and blocks are built in both the indoor and outdoor setting for many purposes, but they serve as retaining or barrier walls most often. They can be constructed out of various materials including brick, concrete block, flagstone rock pieces from a quarry site that have been carefully chiseled to fit together like puzzle pieces. Block-and-stonewalls may also be used as part of an infrastructure project such as building a levee on land adjacent to water bodies or wetlands; these structures must withstand fluctuating temperatures due to nearby climate change which is exacerbated by changes within our atmosphere's chemistry since it was established 200 years ago. Block-and-stonewalls not only function well but they look great too.


Retaining walls are used to stop soil from sliding or spilling downhill. A retaining wall can be made of block, stone, brick and much more; it's up to the homeowner how they want their landscape design executed. Retaining walls come in all shapes and sizes so you're sure to find a solution that fits your needs!


A good way for homeowners who have steep slopes on their property is installing a retaining wall which will help keep dirt inside where it belongs while also providing an excellent decorative feature as well.

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Block and stone walls are not just a way to beautify your house. They also help with protection from the elements, such as water seepage during storms or heavy rains. It is worth noting that this type of wall may be more expensive than other types but it will last you for decades if done correctly by our professional team members who have been installing these well-crafted barriers since their creation in ancient times



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What clients enjoy most about block and stone walls is that they’re extremely natural-looking but also very customizable. Clients have the freedom to pick and choose the size of the blocks, as well as how many lines there are in between each row. Some may appreciate a smoother wall while others will want dimension added with small rocks or bricks laid out at an angle within its surface for more texture. Find out about our masonry service- it's perfect for both large outdoor projects such as patios or walkways, all through to interior decorating where you can create custom spaces without having to spend hours on end cutting old brick pieces by hand!

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