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Patio Paver Installation Bend , OR

What can a new patio do for your property? Pavers Bend offers professional brick and stone paving services. We build patios with building materials that suit the needs of any home or business owner, large or small! Our team has years of experience creating intricate designs to give you curb appeal while also improving the look of your space. Contact us today to learn more about our installation options - we offer residential and commercial solutions so there is something perfect for every individual's taste.


Homeowners and business owners can turn to Pavers Bend for all their brick and stone patio paving needs. For the discerning homeowner with a desire for curb appeal, you'll love our professional services that include building patios of any size out of your choice in materials including bricks or stones. With years of experience installing patios both large-scale commercial properties as well as smaller residential ones, we're sure to have what it takes! If you want some help deciding on which design is right for your home's exterior aesthetic feel free to give us a call today - no project too big or small!



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​Bend Paver Company can design, install and repair commercial patios. We offer professional patio installation services for restaurant owners looking to add a new outdoor kitchen or a seating area to their facility. The company also specializes in the construction of an attractive patio at your retail property that will increase its value while making customers feel more welcome onsite.


Bend Paver offers both creative designs and practical solutions for adding elegant commercial spaces with our line-up of options such as beautiful concrete pavers, natural stone slabs, fire pits & custom furnishings designed by local artists from all over Oregon - including Eugene, Springfield OR Medford.

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We also provide residential patio design and installation services. A new stone or brick patio will beautify your property, increase its value, make your friends envious of the great spaces to hang out in with family & friends - what are you waiting for? If interested please email or call our team today!


We offer a wide range of materials so that we can help you choose which paver best meets YOUR needs and budget (not ours). We want to be sure it's perfect for YOU because when it comes down to making an investment like this one-we know how important perfection is.



Paver Pros of Bend is the company to call for all your patio needs, from sealant applications to repairs. Our professionals are knowledgeable and ready with a quick solution that will work best for you. If you need professional help restoring your brick or stone patio after an accident has occurred, we can do it! We offer fast service at affordable prices so there’s never any worry about getting what you want when it comes time for us to provide our services

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We're the paving experts that you can count on! With our friendly and professional staff, we'll set up an appointment with a customer care representative immediately. Immediately after your call to us, they will take down pertinent information about what needs fixing or repairing - like whether it's just paver repairs or full-service renovations for driveways and walkways.