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Masonry is an ancient art form that has been used for hundreds of years. Masonry can be beautiful and provides stability to a building, which makes it the perfect solution in many cases where builders are looking for something with solid foundations. We offer masonry services because we understand how difficult some types of construction work can be on your body when you're not properly suited up or have too much weight on top of you as well as knowing what materials will withstand any type of weather condition; this ensures our clients get the best possible quality service every time!


Masonry was created centuries ago but had evolved over time due to modernization and new technologies being developed throughout history. Our team offers these exceptional services so homeowners may enjoy buildings made from stone that


Masonry Services

One of our many specialty services is masonry. Masonry includes building, repairing and restoring fencing, barrier walls; as well as other structures that may have used this technique originally. Our skilled technicians are accommodating to all types of projects in the field - from a simple fence around your home or a small project on the residential property up to large restoration work for an entire community center built with traditional techniques centuries ago!


Masonry can range depending on what you need: a single wall-building job will be different than larger-scale construction like renovating bridges or buildings which made use of these materials historically. We're also able to supply any needed supplies when working together such as hard-to-find stone bricks matching the original style and design.


​Building a unique structure for your outdoor space has never been easier. With our masonry services, we’ll work with you to build whatever it is that will make you happy and fulfill the needs of your project or desire! We offer different building structures such as fire pits, barrier walls, landscaping structures; there are really endless possibilities in what can be done right here at Monowi Masonry & Landscapes Inc. If interested please contact us today so one of out specialists may help facilitate an estimate tailored specifically to meet all of your desires- each project is built uniquely according to customer specifications and preferences during the process.





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Repairs are necessary for masonry-based buildings to remain safe and in good working order. When this building material starts deteriorating or crumbling, there's a couple of different options you can take care of the damage: complete tearing down the structure, which is more expensive than simply repairing it; or by removing any damaged parts from your walls and replacing them with new ones that match what's left behind. Masonry repairs often cause less destruction on an entire property - time spent renovating will be lower as well! The best way to keep your home structurally sound? Make sure you have a professional review damages before signing off on anything major.




Cleaning a masonry structure can be tricky. They may seem sturdy, but those pores are deep and the material is heavy! That's why enlisting the services of professional cleaners is suggested before attempting to clean them yourself by scrubbing or power washing systems. These methods effectively remove debris from porous building materials like concrete and brick that build up in over time because they're made with mortar - not paint - so moss growths on outdoor structures will also succumb to high water pressure when these cleaning techniques are deployed properly.


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If you're contemplating hiring a paving contractor, don't overthink it. It should be simple as making one call to us and telling our customer care team about your project's needs for an estimate - they'll take care of the rest!


Walkways that are unlevel and damaged can create a safety hazard for pedestrians. Let our team repair your walkway before it becomes dangerous to use or you could potentially fall on an uneven surface! We offer affordable, fast service with many different types of repairs available including cosmetic fixes like sealant application as well as structural fix-ups if needed.